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We are a tight-knit team, in search for the latest standards.

eddie lobanovskiy

EdDIE Lobanovskiy / @lobanovskiy

david kovalev

David Kovalev /  @davekova

ted kulakevich

Ted kulakevich /  @tedkulak

elena lobanovskiy

Elena Lobanovskiy /  @lolapix

phillip kovalev

Phillip Kovalev /  @phillipkova

claudiu cioba

claudiu cioba /  @claudiucioba

shane helm

Shane Helm /  @shanehelm

vitaly odemchuk

Vitaly Odemchuk /  @veeodemchuk

nick sloggett

Nick Sloggett /  @nicksloggett

bogdan lyashenko

Bogdan Lyashenko /  dribbble

bogdan olimpiyuk

bogdan Olimpiyuk /  dribbble

eddy kulakevich


sergey boychuk

Sergey Boychuck